Lady gaga international


Lady Gaga International is one of the world's leading Lady Gaga tribute companies. LGI is known for breathtaking live vocals, real Haus of Gaga choreography and sensational costumes that capture the look, feel and sound of Lady Gaga's shows. 

Founded by award winning actress and singer/songwriter Athena Reich, Lady Gaga International is one of the only Tribute Companies endorsed by Lady Gaga herself. In Gaga's words, "Tell her (Athena) that she can use my image whenever and however she wants". Gaga also tweeted in support of Lady Gaga: #ARTBIRTH. And, in February 2015, Billboard Magazine printed an image of Athena, thinking it was Gaga. In June 2015, The Wendy Williams Show made the same mistake. Also, Haus of Gaga asked Athena to be in Gaga's "Edge of Glory" Google Chrome Commercial. Athena is often mistaken for Gaga by paparazzi and fans and has been featured on Page 6 (twice). Chatelaine Magazine in Canada called her the "World's Top Lady Gaga Impersonator" and City TV and CBC in Toronto recently ran a news segment about her. 

Currently, Athena is featured in the Emmy nominated documentary Vegas Baby, as seen on PBS and available on iTunes, Netflix, YouTube Movies and Amazon.

LGI has 2 shows in production, "We Are All Superstars: A Lady Gaga Tribute" and "LADY GAGA: #ARTBIRTH". "Superstars" is a 90 minute family friendly musical that portrays Lady Gaga's rise to fame and her passion to end bullying. #ARTBIRTH is a hilarious musical of art, pop and comedy that combines vaudevillian comedy with downtown ARTPOP-outrageousness. #ARTBIRTH ran for 2 years in New York City at the Laurie Beechman Theater (and received Time Out Critics Pick) and ran in Toronto at the Berkeley Street Theatre in August-September 2017. Stay tuned for more #artbirth runs.  "Superstars" tours to theaters, arenas and festivals internationally.