Lady Gaga: #artbirth


She's showed us her "P-P-Poker Face," and now Lady Gaga's ready to share something a lot more intimate and avant-garde with her biggest fans: her real-life p-p-pregnancy! Acclaimed tribute artist Athena Reich stars as an expecting Lady Gaga in #ARTBIRTH, a hilarious evening of art, pop and comedy that combines vaudevillian comedy with ARTPOPoutrageousness. The show features a very preggers Lady Gaga who's decided to give birth in front of her most devoted fans as "the ultimate performance art piece." Star Athena Reich is an award-winning comic actress who's received acclaim from Lady Gaga's "Little Monsters" -- and even Gaga herself. Come see Gaga's baby being "Born This Way" in this show full of dancing, singing and afterbirth. 

Coming to Toronto to the Berkeley Street Theatre August 2017.

The story behind #ARTBIRTH is featured in the award winning documentary Vegas Baby, as seen on PBS, Amazon & iTunes and now available on Netflix worldwide. 

Check out the Toronto #ARTBIRTH commercial! (below)

Produced by Sara Schwartz Geller Productions
Created by Athena Reich
Dramaturg: Andy Goldberg
Written by Athena Reich & Jack Trinco with contributions by Erin Wotherspoon & Adam Reich
Choreography by Kyle Rostan with contributions by Michael J Clark